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What makes Dry Aged
Steaks so special

Traditionally, meat is matured for only 7 – 14 days and is then only wet aged under vacuum. Dry aged meat, on the other hand, is matured for 3 – 6 weeks and is hung in the air. Thus, any superfluous moisture can evaporate.

The meat is, therefore, “dry” matured. This has a favourable effect on the consistency of the muscle tissue which becomes very soft. And, when the meat is hung on the bone it forms a special taste, which you don’t get when wet aging. This method can develop a slightly sour, unpleasant taste.

Learn how to bbq right Dry-Aged Steaks!
Fantastic medium grilled Dry-Aged Steak

Dry Aged meat
has quality

Whoever wishes to improve their meat also looks for a good source. Dry matured meat is usually offered by slower growing breeds. Their meat has a finer fat marbling. Especially meat from noble breeds such as Wagyu or Angus are available for dry aging. Also, with the sex and age there is a clear favourite. For good dry aged steaks, the meat from young female heifers that have not yet calved, is mainly used. Their meat is considered particularly fine grained and delicately marbled.



Best Beef For Dry Aged Steaks

The best steaks are beef. But also pork, lamb or venison can be finely refined with the dry aging process. Even some poultry breeds are suitable (for example, black-feathered chicken). However, only on their own. It is also important to observe the different maturity times.

The most popular: Dry-Aged Beef



3 – 12 Wochen

An explosion of taste: Dry Aged Pork



2 – 3 Wochen

What a fantastic taste: Dry Aged Game meat



3 – 4 Wochen

Exotic and tasteful: Dry Aged Chicken



3 – 4 Wochen

Remark: These maturities are only possible when using controlled equipment, like the DRY AGER®
Dry Aged Tomahawk - The Original by Dry Ager®

The right
for dry aging

When the meat remains on the bone, it needs controlled conditions. The narrow ridge between refined dry meat and mouldy bone marrow requires precision and hygienic work. A temperature just above freezing point and good air circulation are necessary, so that the bone marrow doesn’t go rotten, also a sterilization system is necessary. Professionals use special chambers or refrigerated cabinets, such as the DRY AGER® from Landig. Here, the meat is hung from the bone at a controlled temperature, humidity and air quality. Tinted glass ensures that no UV light can harm the meat. It can mature under the best conditions. The DRY AGER® refrigerators are also designed to be practical and affordable for home use.


Taste in perfection – Dry Aged Beef before and after bbq
Half beef loin back - Dry Ager®

What does a good
Dry Aged Steak look like?

After some time in the refrigerator the meat forms a dark crust. Inside, an aromatic explosion of ham and fresh yeast can be smelt. This is now when the enzymes get to work under the crust. After 3-6 weeks the matured meat on the bone is taken out. The dark outer crust is hard and inedible and must, therefore, be cut off. That leads to a weight loss of 10 – 30 % (with DRYAGER refrigerator this is only 7 – 8%). A well-matured Dry Aged Steak can be determined by it’s red-brown colour and the meat texture. When pressure is applied using your finger a dent should form and remain.

Dry Aged Steaks
from the Dry Aging Bag

The special material of the bag is a semi-membrane. That is, it leaves the water out and the important oxygen in, but harmful bacteria remain outside. The meat is first vacuumed in the Dry Age bag. Then it should be at a maximum of three degrees for about 21 days in a refrigerator with multi-zone cooling. Since liquid comes out of the bag, it should be stored on a tray. Make sure this does not touch any other food or sides within the refrigerator. The bag should not be moved during aging. Also in a dry aging bag, the matured meat must be cut away from the dry outer crust. If you only want to have individual steaks, you should pay attention to this.

Beef (female cow) the perfect basis for the best meat after Dry-Aging


A good start

a good meat selection is the basic condition for good dry aged steaks. It is best to rely on the advice of the butcher. If possible, the meat should not have matured, it should only be a maximum of 5 days after slaughter. There are also some internet shops that offer good quality meat for dry aging at home.

Beef (female cow) the perfect basis for the best meat after Dry-Aging



Dry Aged Steaks are considered to be the best steaks in the world. The process of dry aging (Dry Aging) develops a unique, nutty buttery taste with a delicate consistency. Dry Aged Steaks can also be matured at home. Either in a drying cabinet such as the DRY AGER® or in the Dry Aging bag. Both are similar in taste, but the end result in the DRY AGER® is by far the best, since here the meat can mature on the bone and develop a very special and unique taste.


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