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Good meat-quality, the best basis for great Dry-Aging

Why is it
called Dry Aging?

Dry Aging refers to meat maturing in a cool ambient temperature. The meat hangs in the air and the resulting liquid can evaporate. So it matures “dry”, because “dry aging” means “dry”.

Aging on the bone, the best way of dry-aging, for a great taste
Dry-Aging in the Orginal: Dry Ager®

Meat maturing
has tradition

The technique of dry meat maturing is also known simply as “dependent” in the German Metzger tradition and has been known for centuries. In cool ambient air, the meat can mature – with plenty of time to unfold all the flavours. With the advent of the vacuum technique, the time intensive process was replaced by a faster meat maturing method in a vacuum bag. Fortunately, dry maturation has also continued in parallel, see DRY AGER®.



This is how Dry Aging works


Dry Aging Meat Maturing is a matter of precision. In order for the meat to ripen without becoming bad two factors must be right; humidity and temperature. Depending on the piece of meat, the humidity should be around 60 – 90% and the ideal storage temperature around freezing point.

The right

While cattle can mature on the bone for 3 -6 weeks, pigs, lamb or even poultry need much less time.

After the meat

If the meat is mature, it can be taken off the bone. The dry crust, which has formed like a mantle around the piece of meat, must be cut off. This reveals the small weakness of the dry aging process. You have to accept a weight loss of up to 30 percent.

What increases in taste, therefore, decreases in weight. This also solves the riddle of the high trading prices of dry aging meat.

Dry-Aging power for home + commercial: Dry Ager® DX 500® and DX 1000®

The new generation
of dry aging

Where it was difficult to keep temperatures and air circulation constant a hundred years ago, modern maturity cabinets are now being used. Just like the DRY AGER®. In attractive stainless steel design, the tinted cabinet door has already adorned some professional kitchen utensils. The practical design of the refrigerator does not need a water connection.

Therefore the DRY AGER® is also suitable for private households. This is how steak lovers can now mature their meat in the privacy of their own four walls.
This is how dry aging works at home.


Worldwide unique dry-aging technology – only available in the Dry Ager®

This is how dry aging works at home

This is how dry
aging works at home

Even though large supermarket chains offer Dry Aged Beef, many barbecue fans have the desire to bring a self-matured steak to the grill. This is easy to implement. In addition to the dishwasher, there is another possibility for meat maturing in the kitchen.


Dry Aged Maturation Bags– Dry Aged Membrane Maturation Bags are suitable for small pieces of meat off the bone. They let liquid escape, but no air from the outside in. Well protected and dry, the meat can mature in your own refrigerator.

Maturing cabinet – If you want to leave meat on the bone (it tastes much better than from the ripening bag), you will need more space. A glass fronted unit also promotes the visual anticipation. The hygienic processing is always important in the bag or fridge. It is also very important, even in the domestic kitchen, to use gloves, mouth guard and clean tools.

Dry Aging - a formula for good taste


Dry Aging – a formula for good taste

Whilst meat matures under vacuum there is active lactic acid bacteria, which leaves a slightly spicy flavour. Since only small quantities are left in the vacuum bag, only parts are matured. In the case of dry aging in the air, whole beef halves or large parts are suspended on the bone. The liquid evaporation produces a dry crust on the meat. Among them, the “good bacteria” split proteins and enzymes. Although lactic acid bacteria are also active in dry aging, they are less detriment to the aroma. The spicy, buttery note, for which a dry aging steak is known, results from the chemical process of the fat proteins and the formation of salts by the dehumidification of moisture.

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