Dry Ager
The DRY AGER Story

The DRY AGER Story

Company with a family tradition

Every idea, every future step begins with a vision.

Even as a journeyman, family man Manfred Landig was known for often not being satisfied with the way things are. An avid hunter and refrigeration technician, he worked diligently on refrigeration and packaging solutions for food in his early years. His focus was particularly on meat, in all its aspects. This specialization paid off later when it came to using the experience he gained to revolutionize the Dry Aging of food.

Manfred Landig’s sons, Christian and Aaron, have been involved in the construction of refrigeration equipment at their parents’ business since they were children. After college, master school, and gaining professional experiences elsewhere, the brothers finally returned in 2012, with one goal in mind: To revolutionize the process of Dry Aging. From now on, they are unstoppable.

Christian and Aaron have to start from scratch. There are no reliable sources on what Dry Aging is or what it entails. After several years of research and development, the brothers finally succeed in completing their Dry Aging Fridge and presenting it to the world – 100% Made in Germany. The response is phenomenal!

The Landig Brothers’ products and solutions are now available in more than 60 countries with a local sales and service network. Thus, with a lot of hard work, courage, and heart and soul, the DRY AGER® brand managed to become the undisputed number 1 in the field of professional solutions for Dry Aging within a few years. Rightly so, and they are particularly proud of it.


No good story ever started with salad.

Our Mission.

The new generation of meat enjoyment.

The course for the future has been set. Today, Christian and Aaron run the company together with their younger brother Dr. Andreas Landig. Incidentally, work is already once again underway on new forward-looking projects. The company with a family tradition, located in the south of Germany, still has the manufacturing character of the past. People who work hard for their customers and give their best – every day.

Aaron and Christian Landig
For around

the family company develops long-lasting products with dedication and passion.


use, the DRY AGER DX 1000 needs, to pay for itself completely with a full load (meat) and a maturing time of 4 weeks.

More than

We are currently supplying our DRY AGER maturing cabinets and there are more and more.

From Germany into the world

From Germany to the world
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Discover the DRY AGER® Catalog

Are you ready for the next level of dry aging? Our DRY AGER® catalog offers you comprehensive insights into the revolutionary technology of food refinement. Dive into the world of perfect aging! We'll show you the unprecedented taste experiences you can achieve with the DRY AGER® aging cabinets and SmartAging® technology.


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