Dry Ager
The fine art of Dry Aging

The fine art of Dry Aging

Dry Aging – A taste experience worth waiting for

Good things come to those who wait, especially when it comes to food that is dry aged. Dry Aging is one of the oldest known preparation techniques that requires time, patience, and attention to detail. It is a process that must not be rushed. The reward is unexpected nuances of flavor and changes in texture that make the meat, fish, or ham unique. Steaks as tender as butter. Fish, infinitely intense with an incomparable bite. Homemade hams and sausages with a phenomenal taste. In short, food at its highest level of refinement.

Aging takes time.

How does Dry Aging work?

During Dry Aging in the DRY AGER Cabinet, the meat, fish, ham, sausage, or cheese age for a certain period of time at controlled temperature, humidity, air movement, and air quality. It is allowed to dry age gradually and instead of lying in an airtight plastic bag, it can do, what food loves to do most: breathe.

The DRY AGER Dry Aging Fridge combines time-honored methods with state-of-the-art technology to make Dry Aging easier, safer, and more consistent than ever before. Thanks to SmartAging®, that means you’re no longer limited to beef, but can also age ham, salami, cured meats, fish, cheese, and more!

For example, as soon as you hang meat in the DRY AGER Dry Aging Fridge, a chemical process begins. Enzymes begin to break down the tissue structures of the meat, a natural change that makes the meat particularly tender. These processes are primarily active in the first 96 hours, which is why we also refer to this time range as the “tenderness phase.” At the same time, the meat loses moisture and the outer layers begin to dry out. These form a protective shell and protect the meat within. The loss of moisture intensifies the flavor. The longer the meat is stored, the fuller and more intense the flavor – a flavor powerhouse without even a hint of a metallic note.



During this time, the smell of ham and musk, freshly baked yeast bread, hoarfrost, and a bit of wool socks in the dry-aging cabinet.

Dry Aged meat may be black as black pudding and hard as bread crust on the outside, but it has a true treasure of infinite tenderness on the inside.

Finally, the dark crust is cut away, the meat is removed from the bone or sawed into steaks, and the Dry Aged beef is prepared on the grill or in a pan. The refined piece of meat has an intense aroma and a consistency that has nothing in common with a “normal” piece of meat. It’s no wonder that Dry Aged beef is therefore considered “the premier class of steaks” by connoisseurs.

Other types of meat such as poultry, game, pork, or food such as ham, sausage, fish, or cheese also benefit enormously from the exact climate conditions in the DRY AGER Climate Dry Aging Fridge.

Sophisticated Dry Aging-
technology is the key

The DRY AGER Dry Aging Cabinet makes it possible

The DRY AGER Premium S models have a wide range of parameters

The DRY AGER Premium S models have such a wide range of parameters in combination with sophisticated technology that the aging of a wide variety of foods is made possible. Various legally protected innovations ensure precise temperature control in the range between 0 and +30 °C. Humidity also plays an important role and, thanks to HumiControl®, is controlled electronically with extreme precision in the range from 40% to 90%. Incidentally, without the need for a water connection or tank – a 230 V power connection is sufficient.

Together with the integrated DX AirReg® system, a microclimate perfectly matched to the product is achieved, even with major fluctuations in ambient temperature. Innovations Made in Germany!
Hygienic handling of sensitive foods is always the decisive factor. To ensure optimum air quality and minimize bacterial growth, the air in the fridge is constantly circulated and sterilized with the support of a UVC sterilization box, which is also protected by law. In addition, the inner container has an antibacterial coating and the incoming air is cleaned with the help of an activated carbon filter. Germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance. To protect against harmful UV light, the glass door is also metalized.

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Dry Aging takes time.

It’s a natural process. It’s worth the wait.

The following diagram shows the changes that occur in the meat (beef, in this example) at different aging times. Both the intensity of flavor as well as the tenderness are strongly dependent on time.

The black curve describes the change in tenderness. This is expressed by what’s known shear force. The lower this is, the more tender the meat.
The red curve describes the change in flavor intensity. The higher, the more intense the flavor.

Dry Ager DX 1000

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Numerous knowledge articles, insider tips, and interesting facts on the subject of Dry Aging.

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find numerous recipe inspirations for every occasion here
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