Dry Ager

DRY AGER® Premium S Dry Aging Fridges
– with SmartAging® Technology

The new DRY AGER® Premium S models are a masterpiece of engineering and let you be more creative than ever before.
Timeless modern design on the outside, high-precision, sophisticated technology on the inside. Quality, made in Germany. Craftsmanship meets high-tech.

The ultimate solution from DRY AGER®, the world’s leading brand of aging fridges to age meat, ham, sausage, fish, or cheese or to showcase wine.

With the unique SmartAging® Technology, Dry Aging has never been easier!

DX 500 Premium S

So compact.
Just as capable
as the big one.

The little one from DRY AGER® goes big with the new SmartAging® Technology. It integrates perfectly into your kitchen or sales area, and whets the appetite of guests and customers for perfectly aged food. The compact unit can be freestanding or integrated into the wall, both at home or at work.

Tremendous flexibility. For example, up to 20 kg of meat can be aged in the device at once. With the standard shelves, as well as the optionally available stainless-steel hanger, or even the practical charcuterie shelves, the DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S is ready for the whole spectrum of food products.

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DX 1000 Premium S

More room for good
taste. With the best quality.

So big you can get creative. Whether with sausage, meat, cheese, ham, or more: Now you can age like a pro thanks to SmartAging®. Freestanding or integrated into the wall, it’s a real eye-catcher in any salesroom, restaurant, butcher shop, hotel, or hobby space, with absolute added value.

Maximum flexibility. The included stainless-steel hanger and optional shelves for meat and charcuterie, allow you to dry age up to 100 kg of food at a time. With the DRY AGER DX 1000 Premium S, however, an aging cycle really pays off, with a pay-off period of no more than 6 months in a business setting.

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Technical data
DX 500 Premium SDX 1000 Premium S
matt black, powder-coated
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Internal dimensions
71,2 x 49,0 x 43,7 cm
137,1 x 57,8 x 58,7 cm
External dimensions
90,5 x 60,0 x 61,0 cm
165,0 x 70,0 x 74,2 cm
Gross-/ net content
155 / 134 l
495 / 435 l
Empty weight
approx. 48 kg
approx. 88 kg
Electronic temperature range
from 0 °C to +30 °C
from 0 °C to +30 °C
from 40% to 90%
from 40% to 90%
DX AirReg®
Interior lighting
DX LED Premium light bar
DX LED Premium light bar – continuously dimmable
Maximum load
up to 20 kg
up to 100 kg

Dry Aging redefined

Perfect results

Perfect results

Thanks to SmartAging®, it only takes the push of a button to achieve the best aging result.



Now a wide variety of foods can be refined. From meat to fish.

Easy to use

Easy to use

No water connection or tank required. Age where you want to, at the push of a button.



In The Dry Aging Bible you will learn everything about SmartAging® on more than 300 pages.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Developed and manufactured in Germany. To meet your highest expectations.

Easily aging food as never before.
You can count on DRY AGER
Dry Aging Fridges.

SMARTAGING - Dry Aging 2.0

Smart technology


The new DRY AGER Aging Cabinet generation guarantees you unique aging results, simply and easily with SmartAging®.

Food that is aged is particularly valuable and delicate. So, of course, you don’t want to make any mistakes. These worries are now over. Thanks to integrated SmartAging® Technology, Dry Aging is now easier and safer than ever before! Because now you can be sure that you have the right parameters at hand for the dry-aging process of any food: at the push of a button. From beef, pork, game, poultry, ham, sausage, fish, cheese, and wine to pasta and herbs.

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Precise control technology

Precise parameters

As precise as Swiss clockwork – only from Germany. The intelligent control of the Premium S models allows temperatures from 0 to +30 °C as well as humidity values between 40 and 90% to be controlled electronically at all times. And all this without a water connection or tank, thanks to HumiControl®. Either fully automatic with the SmartAging® programs or self-adjusted in manual mode. You decide.

100 % SAFE - DRY AGER Sterilisation

Sophisticated hygiene systems

Absolute cleanliness

No opportunity for dangerous bacteria and germs. The DRY AGER Premium S line is the world’s only aging refrigerator series with an active UVC sterilization box that completely sterilizes the entire air mass in the aging cabinet 1x per minute, combined with an activated carbon filter that purifies the incoming air. The inner container is made of an antibacterial material and features a sophisticated design that ensures easy cleaning. In addition, the integrated SmartAging® pre-cleaning program ensures perfect initial hygienic conditions after each aging cycle. With that, you’ll definitely be ready for the next batch.

DX LED Salt Wall System

Light and emotion

The optional DX-LED Salt Wall System makes your DRY AGER meat aging cabinet shine even more colorfully and puts your goods in an even better light. Featuring a deceptively real salt look, the LED wall can be set to ten different colors and also allows color concepts to be included in the aging cabinet. The system can be ordered pre-installed or as a retrofit kit.

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DESIGN – Every detail in perfection

Valuable details

Sophisticated optics

All the components of the DRY AGER Premium S series not only look good, but were also carefully considered down to the smallest detail. The inner container features a sophisticated design, which facilitates cleaning and prevents the formation of dirt in corners. The bottom surface slopes backwards to reliably collect liquids. And integrated slats allow the salt tray to sit securely and slightly elevated. The contents of the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Fridge are perfectly highlighted by three DX LED premium light strips integrated into the walls on both sides, as well as in the head area of the DX 1000 model. With the DX 1000 Premium S, the light intensity is even continuously dimmable.

Efficient cleaning

Minimal weight loss

How about a little more? Sure we can, and we do it with the new DRY AGER Premium S series. Beef is at just about 7-8% weight loss after 4 weeks of aging on the bone and about 12% after 6 weeks. These values are second to none and save you money.

SAVES MONEY - Low weight loss

DRY AGER® areas of application

At home

At home all good things are dry

Because you care about what you eat: With the new generation of DRY AGER® Dry Aging Cabinets, you can easily refine your food. With results that impress even the pros. No more risk of destroying valuable pieces of meat due to operating errors—thanks to the perfectly coordinated aging programs, meat, sausage, cheese, and more will always turn out absolutely perfectly.

Using a DRY AGER® Dry Aging Fridge also means living sustainability. Because that’s how you can always get the best out of valuable food, in your own home. Without long supply chains, but with transparent origins.

Discover new possibilities with your new DRY AGER® Dry Aging Fridge!

Grocery retail

Offer your customers something new that has aged for quite a long time.

Expand your product portfolio with foods aged in house. It doesn’t matter whether you, as a butcher, want to offer discerning customers dry-aged beef or house-made salami and ham specialties. Or maybe you’d like to add a new touch to your cheese assortment…

Now you save time and nerves, because the expensive goods are really worth it. This is because you will always get the best possible results with consistently high quality, and can also present them in the DRY AGER Dry Aging Fridge in a uniquely appealing way.

This opens up new sales potential, as the refined products also offer an attractive addition to your product range for customers who are willing to pay. Seize the opportunity. By the way, in grocery retail, a DX 1000 model pays for itself in less than 6 months, so what exactly are you waiting for?


Butchery and meat processing

So good that you’ll
get even better
as a pro

When it comes to sausage, no one can fool you. And the same goes for ham and fresh meat. With the DRY AGER® meat Dry Aging Fridge, you have a tool at your disposal that makes you even better and opens up valuable aging opportunities. New exciting goods for your product portfolio at the push of a button – made by you. This saves you time, makes you more creative than ever before, and gives you a sense of product security that lets you sleep soundly. Because for you the number one priority is always the customer.
To keep it that way, with the DRY AGER Dry Aging Fridge you can age your delicacies right in front of your customers. This provides confidence, talking points, and a unique presentation of your products. This is the cutting edge of store design.



So good that pros are
eager to become amateurs

Save time and look good doing it – that’s what the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Cabinet can do for you in your restaurant. Since the machine works on its own and the aging processes run continuously and optimally, you and your employees can devote your full attention to your guests.

And staged as an attractive highlight, the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Cabinet still serves as a truly unique selling point for your restaurant. Because where else can guests choose their favorite pieces of meat in such an attractive way?



Stress-free aging and wellness for the palate.

Offer your guests more!
The DRY AGER® Dry Aging Cabinet also integrates perfectly into large kitchens, offering the opportunity to expand your menu in an attractive way. If the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Cabinet is placed in a hotel restaurant, then you offer your guests not only another culinary delicacy, but also a visual highlight in a class of its own. Age and store meat, ham, cheese, or wine specialties right in front of your guests. That makes for increased sales and is sure to be a conversation starter. And the fact that you enjoy the security of an optimal aging process and don’t have to do anything but watch makes things easy for you.



The 4 most popular questions

What are the advantages over other dry-aging fridges?
  • DRY AGER® is the leading brand in dry-aging fridges worldwide, with a service and distribution network in more than 50 countries.
  • The Landig Group (owner of the DRY AGER brand) has more than 40 years of experience in meat processing, storage, and refrigeration.
  • Manufacture quality at an excellent price-performance ratio, with manufacturing in Germany. Integrated SmartAging® technology enables a whole new level of dry aging.
  • Combined with the DRY AGING BIBLE, DRY AGER currently offers by far the most innovative overall concept worldwide.
  • Attractive design (multiple awards), very quiet, can be integrated, UVC sterilization, activated carbon filter, Saltair® Salt System, operation without water connection or tank, metalized tinted glass, LED interior lighting, height-adjustable suspension system.
  • Another important reason is the very low drying loss in the DRY AGER Dry Aging Fridge:
    Beef: After 4 weeks only approx. 7-8% | After 6 weeks only approx. 12%.
    Pork: After 3 weeks only approx. 9-10%
  • According to in-house tests, other “dry-aging equipment” can have up to 3x higher drying losses, and this is immediately noticeable when it comes to your bottom line.
What are the benefits of SmartAging® technology?
  • You now have a wide range of dry-aging options in front of you. Beef, pork, game, poultry, ham, sausage, fish, cheese, and wine. The possibilities are almost endless.
  • DXTasteReg® technology combined with SmartAging® opens up completely new dimensions in determining the flavor of dry-aged foods. Choose your preferred taste from three possible characteristics. This has never been done before and is only available in a DRY AGER dry-aging fridge.
  • You can be sure that your dry-aging project will succeed, as the aging programs (developed by our dry-aging experts) are perfectly adapted to the different foods. This is easy on your wallet and nothing will be thrown away due to an aging defect.
  • You’ll achieve less weight loss and need to remove fewer dried areas. Ideal parameters and perfectly adjusted fan speeds dry the product just right.
  • Complicated dry-aging processes with different phases, as with sausage or ham production, now run automatically. This saves you from having to constantly adjust the dry-aging parameters much more often.
  • Even for non-professionals, the production of more complicated products such as ham or sausage is now quite easy to achieve. Step-by-step instructions guide and lead you to the perfect result.
Why can the DRY AGER Premium S Generation units age so many different foods?
  • The DRY AGER Premium S units can cover incredible ranges of parameters. Humidity can be electronically adjusted from 40 to 90% and temperature from 0 to +30 °C. This is the only reason why many Dry-Aging projects are possible in the first place. Combined with a high-precision control system, an incredibly wide variety of products can now be dry-aged into true delicacies.
  • When handling raw meat products, but especially extremely sensitive foods such as fish, hygienic work is essential. DRY AGER Premium S models can guarantee optimal conditions thanks to a three-stage sterilization system. The UVC sterilization box sterilizes all the air in the interior once per minute, the integrated activated carbon filter cleans the incoming air, and germs and bacteria are no match for the antibacterial inner container.
  • The intelligent dry-aging programs with SmartAging® technology were developed to respond perfectly to the characteristics of individual foods, meat cuts, or sausage and ham products. Each product has certain properties that can be positively or negatively affected by temperature, humidity, and air flow. After many years of studying aging, DRY AGER® has perfectly adapted the aging parameters of the SmartAging® programs and have now made it possible to refine such a wide range of foods.
Is the device ready for immediate use or is installation required?
  • Upon delivery of the DRY AGER Dry Aging Fridge, all you have to do is unpack the unit, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. No water connection or filling of a water tank is required. Even the placement of the dry-aging cabinet is very simple due to its integrated transport handles and wheels.

Pure performance

Four awards – success that inspires.

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Discover the DRY AGER® Catalog

Are you ready for the next level of dry aging? Our DRY AGER® catalog offers you comprehensive insights into the revolutionary technology of food refinement. Dive into the world of perfect aging! We'll show you the unprecedented taste experiences you can achieve with the DRY AGER® aging cabinets and SmartAging® technology.


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