Dry Ager

Conditions of participation for (online) competitions and raffles

1. Scope of application and organiser
This competition is exclusively organized by Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG /
DRY AGER manufacture. The information provided is used solely to provide participants with competition news, updates and other relevant information in accordance with the conditions of participation in the competition.
The conditions of participation also apply to all competitions conducted via the Facebook and Instagram pinboard at https://www.facebook.com/Lava.Vakuumierer , https://www.facebook.com/thedryager , https://www.instagram.com/la.va_vakuumverpackung/ or https://www.instagram.com/dryager/. The sweepstakes conducted through the Facebook and Instagram bulletin boards are not affiliated with Facebook, Inc. or Facebook Ireland Ltd. The sweepstakes are not sponsored, endorsed or organized in any way by Facebook and do not create any legal claim against Facebook. All information within the scope of the competitions is exclusively provided by Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG / DRY AGER Manufaktur as organiser.


2. Eligibility

2.1 Participation in this competition is only possible under these conditions of participation. By participating in a competition, the participant accepts these conditions of participation.

2.2 Employees of Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG /
DRY AGER Manufaktur as well as their relatives and persons under 18 years of age. The right to take legal action is excluded. A cash payment of the winnings is not possible. The prizes are not transferable.

2.3 Participation in this competition is only possible once per person. Multiple entries (manual or automated) are excluded from the raffle.

2.4 Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG / DRY AGER Manufaktur has the right to disqualify participants without giving reasons or to exclude them from future participation in competitions. In particular, if these violate these conditions of participation or disrupt and/or manipulate the course of the competition in any way, especially technical processes, or attempt to do so and/or otherwise unfairly influence the draw.

2.5 Participation in this competition is only allowed for individuals who are permanently residing within the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland.


3. Participation

3.1 The entry deadline for the competition, the respective prize, the method of determining the prize and details of what specific actions are required to enter the competition will be announced on the competition page (Facebook pages/Instagram page).

3.2 Participation is free of charge and not subject to the use of services of Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG / DRY AGER Manufacture. This does not increase the chances of winning.

3.3 Participation is possible until the participation deadline. The winner will be determined on the next working day.


4. Execution and notification, consent to publication

4.1 The winner will normally be determined among all participants within 5 working days from the end of the participation period. The winner will be determined randomly by drawing lots.

4.2 The prize will be drawn among all participants. The winners will be notified by e-mail or via the respective social network. Winners who do not respond to a prize notification within 2 weeks lose their claim to the prize. In addition, participants are responsible for the correctness and completeness of the contact details provided. Should the contact data provided be incorrect and/or incomplete, Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG / DRY AGER Manufaktur is not obliged to find the correct data. Disadvantages due to incorrect data are at the expense of the participant.

4.3 The winner agrees that his or her entry and personal data (full name and, if applicable, place of residence) may be published on the online and social media pages of Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG / DRY AGER Manufaktur. The winner has the right at any time to revoke his or her consent to the publication of the contents and his or her personal data declared by participating in the competition with effect for the future. The revocation must be sent by post to Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG Valentinstr. 35 – 1 | D-88348 Bad Saulgau, Germany or by e-mail to info@landig.com.

4.4 Payment of the winnings in cash, their exchange or the transfer of the right to win to another person is excluded.

4.5 Legal recourse is excluded.


5. Exclusion, modification and premature termination of a competition

5.1 The Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG / DRY AGER Manufaktur reserves the right to exclude participants who provide false information or violate these conditions of participation from participation in the competition. Persons who use unauthorized aids or otherwise gain advantages through manipulation shall also be excluded. In this case, prizes can also be subsequently withdrawn and reclaimed.

5.2 The Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG / DRY AGER Manufaktur reserves the right to make changes or adjustments to the competition and/or the conditions of participation if this is necessary for technical or legal reasons. The Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG / DRY AGER Manufaktur shall be entitled at any time to cancel or prematurely terminate a competition for technical or legal reasons without prior notice. Prizes shall only be awarded if the competition is conducted properly.


6 Warranty for Defects

6.1 The organizer is only liable for damages incurred by the winner due to material and/or legal defects in the case of deceit, intent, or gross negligence. Otherwise, liability for material and/or legal defects is excluded.

6.2 Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG / DRY AGER Manufaktur is not liable for damages resulting from disruptions or interruptions in internet connectivity, networks, lines, servers, and other systems and facilities that are not within the responsibility of Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG / DRY AGER Manufaktur.

6.3 If prizes are provided by third parties, Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG / DRY AGER Manufaktur offers them not in its own name but on behalf of the third party. In such cases, Landig + Lava GmbH & Co. KG / DRY AGER Manufaktur is not liable for material and legal defects or the proper delivery of the prize. The winner’s warranty, compensation, or other claims are to be directed exclusively to the third party mentioned in the information about the competition on the website.


7. Data protection

7.1 Personal data transmitted to the organizer in the context of participating in a competition will be collected, processed, and used by the organizer exclusively for the execution and handling of the competition.

7.2 The organizer reserves the right to disclose the name of the winner and their place of residence on the website at https://www.instagram.com/dryager/ if the winner has expressly consented to this. Other information about the participants will neither be published nor disclosed to third parties.

7.3 Furthermore, reference is made to the privacy policy (https://www.dry-ager.com/datenschutz/) of the organizer.

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