Dry Ager Meat Seminar – It’s all about the flavor

Meat Seminar magazine

The DRY AGER® team proudly released their first “graduates” into the world’s kitchens. Some professional and hobby chefs were already breastfeeding their knowledge about Dry Aged Beef. Under the direction of the well-known butcher expert Ludwig “Lucki” Maurer, the one-day meat seminar theory and practice meet for a tasty result.

The ABC of Dry Aged Beef

Dry-ager Meat SeminarFrom Aging to preparation – at the DRY AGER® Academy the participants learn the basics for dry ripening as well as the correct handling of the noble meat. The newly acquired knowledge is directly implemented. As is well known, man is the fastest when he tries it himself. The meat seminar is therefore not designed as a dry lecture series but as a test kitchen. A cattle back is divided together. Not only the classics are tailored, but also less well-known premium cuts such as Porterhouse or Cotes de Boeuf. The pieces of meat are then cooked together, on the grill, in the pan, in the Lavide Sous-Vide bath or at 800 ° degrees mega-heat in the infrared grill.

The expert team

The man with the red goat’s beard, who receives the participants of the meat seminar at his farm in Rattenberg (Bavarian Forest), is no lesser than the “meat expert” personally: Lucki Maurer. With sympathetic Bavarian coloring, he explains his “nose-to-tail” philosophy, so why he leaves the animal as little as possible. Bone marrow, entrails and forgotten meat pieces like the bat steak, the professional chef and heavy metal fan has made it salonable again. After many years in international star kitchens, Maurer used a dual approach to the roots of his kitchen. On the grandfather’s farm he now breeds bio-Wagyu cattle and henchmen lambs, with whose meat he now supplies colleagues like Tim Mälzer.

Landig brothers and Lucky MaurerFor good Dry Aged Beef, not only meat quality and preparation plays a role. Maturation itself has to be carried out under best climatic conditions. What is happening is pure science. When temperatures, humidity and maturity are ideal and what they do in the meat, the inventors and makers of the DRY AGER® maturation cabinet know: Christian and Aaron Landig. They provide personal information on the technical conditions at the meat seminars and share their experiences from the DRY AGER® test kitchen.

See the whole thing

While the dry aged beef tastes best, the accompaniment may be slightly more refined. In the meat seminar, the participants learn not only which tastes are good, but learn the right recipes for spicy dips and fiery salsas. Where the meat comes from the ripening box is also on the curriculum. During an excursion to Lucki Maurers pastures, you can get acquainted with the Wagyu cattle. What makes the meat so good can be seen in the living object: spout, natural food and plenty of time to grow.

Success, which you can taste

In addition to handpicked and tricky handling of the noble Dry Aged Beef, the most delicious reward for the hardworking seminar participants is almost every hour: the tasting of the newly learned recipes. For this purpose a cross-examination of different maturity grades and cattle races such as Wagyu, Hereford, etc. is offered. Because in this case knowledge goes not only through the head, but also through the stomach.

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