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DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S 48430
DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S ohne Füllung
DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S 42032
DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S mit Rinderrücken
DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S mit Schinken
DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S mit Wurst
DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S mit Fisch
DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S mit Geflügel
DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S mit Käse und Wein
DRY AGER DX 500 Premium Detail Innenbehälter
DRY AGER DX 500 Premium Detail UVC Entkeimungsbox
DRY AGER DX 500 Premium Detail Türgriff
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DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S 48878
DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S 48890

DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S

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Art.-Nr.: DX0500PS

DRY AGER® – The original (Made in Germany)DX 500® Premium S – The small Dry Aging Fridge for the big taste explosion. Loading up to 20 kg. With SmartAging® technology. Ideal for the production of Dry Aged meat, ham, sausage, fish, cheese, and much more.

Scope of Delivery

1 x DRY AGER® Dry Aging Fridge DX 500® Premium S (with SmartAging®)
1x DX0026 slide-in shelf
1x DX0028 floor shelf

Tip: Additional accessories such as salt blocks, hanger and meat labels are available in the accessories section

Shipping Information

Worldwide Shipping immediately from stock in Germany, where we produce this wonderful product.

Order your unit today and it will be shipped within a few days by our logistic experts. Start your Dry Aging adventure with DRY AGER®


2 years full warranty for commercial and private customers
For details, see Terms and Conditions

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Developed and manufactured in Germany.
To meet your highest expectations.

Intelligente Systeme

Intelligent systems

SmartAging®, HumiControl®, DX AirReg® ensure perfect results.

24h Service

24h Service

We are always there for you. In emergencies also outside our business hours.

DX 500® Premium S – Dry Aging Fridge

Therefore, the original (Made in Germany)
The small one for the guaranteed best Dry Aging flavor! The DRY AGER DX 500® Premium S is a plug & go Dry Aging Pro Cabinet that requires no water connection or tank and looks as good as it works. Timeless modern design on the outside – high-precision, sophisticated technology on the inside: Craftsmanship meets high-tech.

The compact size of the DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S makes it particularly suitable for dry aging at home or for restaurants and butcher shops that have less space in their sales area. The device can be placed free-standing or integrated into a wall. Suitable accessories such as Saltair salt blocks, hanger, shelves for charcuterie, meat labels or “The Dry Aging Bible” can be ordered in the Accessories section.

Optionally with base cabinet

For perfect placement of the DRY AGER® DX 500 at eye level. Drawer with soft close and intermediate shelf as well as height-adjustable feet. For quick and easy self-assembly. The height of the base cabinet is 90 cm, including DRY AGER® DX 500 thus a total height of 180 cm.

General dimensions: W 61 x H 90 x D 61 cm
Color: black matt

Note: The base cabinet is delivered for self-assembly.

New! The DRY AGER spice mixtures are finally here!

Thanks to the DRY AGER® spice mixtures, which are ideally adapted to the recipes from the Dry Aging Bible, countless ham and salami specialties from all over the world can now be made at home.

DRY AGER® Features Overview


Unique and only in the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Fridge! Thanks to the integrated SmartAging® technology, meat, ham, fish, sausage, cheese, herbs, pasta, and much more can be easily aged or dried at the touch of a button. Dry aging has never been so easy and safe. Learn more about SmartAging® here.

Precise parameters

The intelligent control system of the Premium S models allows temperatures from 0 to +30 °C as well as humidity values between 40 and 90%, each electronically controllable, of course. Automatically with the SmartAging® programs or in manual mode. A water connection or tank is not necessary thanks to HumiControl.

Absolute cleanliness

Dangerous bacteria and germs don’t stand a chance. The DX 500 Premium S has an active UVC sterilization box that completely disinfects the entire air mass in the Dry Aging Fridge at least 1x per minute. The activated carbon filter additionally cleans the incoming air. The inner container is made of an antibacterial material and features a sophisticated design that ensures easy cleaning. A SmartAging® pre-cleaning program ensures perfect initial hygienic conditions after each aging cycle.

Minimal weight loss

Beef is at just about 7-8% weight loss after 4 weeks of aging on the bone and about 12% after 6 weeks. These values are unparalleled and are directly reflected when it comes to your wallet.

Functional, award-winning design

Winner of many prestigious design awards, the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Fridge is guaranteed to be the best choice. The inner container is antibacterial and is shaped to facilitate cleaning and prevent the formation of dirt in corners. The bottom surface slopes backwards to prevent liquids from spilling out of the unit. The integrated DX LED Premium light strips, which are integrated in the door on both sides, perfectly illuminate the food in the Dry Aging Fridge.

DX 500® Premium S

3 HOUSING OPTIONS – all black powder-coated (no lock)  OR  black powder-coated housing & stainless steel door (with lock)  OR  housing and door stainless-steel (no lock)
INNER CONTAINER – antibacterial polystyrene
INNER BACK WALL – DX-LED Salt Wall System. With 10 different light colors.
INSULATING GLASS DOOR – UV protection, tinted (metalized)

INTERNAL DIMENSIONS – 71.2 x 49.0 x 43.7 cm (H x W x D)
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS – 90.5 x 60.0 x 61.0 cm (H x W x D)
VOLTAGE – 220-240 V / 50 Hz
POWER CONSUMPTION – despite glass door only 1.0 kWh / 24 hours

TEMPERATURE RANGE – electronically adjustable in 0.1 °C steps: 0 °C to 30 °C

RELATIVE HUMIDITY – Thanks to HumiControl®, the relative humidity is electronically adjustable from 40 to 90% (no water connection or tank required)

AIR FLOW & HYGIENE – Thanks to DX AirReg® optimal air flow, Fresh-air activated carbon filter, and UVC sterilization

SMARTAGING® – SmartAging® technology enables automated aging including guaranteed success

INTERIOR LIGHTING – DX LED Premium light strips, integrated into side panels for the best possible illumination of the cabinet contents. Light spectrum does not contain ultraviolet radiation. Minimal heat generation, no spotty heating of the product.

MAXIMUM LOAD – up to 20 kg of meat




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Installation drawings are available and we are happy to provide these to you.

DRY AGER DX 500 Premium IntegrationszeichnungDRY AGER DX 500 Premium Integrationszeichnung NebeneinanderDRY AGER DX 500 Premium Integrationszeichnung
The matching 5 cm STAINLESS STEEL PANEL when installing multilple devices can be bought directly from us for EUR 30.- gross.

A WALL MOUNTING SET is now also available as a practical accessory for easy suspension of the device on a load-bearing wall.

Download the installation drawings as PDF here: PDF download

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