Dry Aging at home

Dry Aging at home

Is it really that easy?

We’ve refined the art of dry aging meat at home for those who savor the taste of flavorful dry aged steaks. Thanks to our innovative SmartAging® technology, perfecting your culinary creations is now within reach. With the stylish DRY AGER DX 1000 Premium S and DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S aging cabinets, Dry Aging at home is simplified to the push of a button. These cabinets are not just visually appealing additions to your kitchen or living room; they make dry aging effortless. By following the instructions in the elegant DRY AGING BIBLE or on our website, you can select the appropriate aging program for your meat cut and desired refinement level. Simply place or hang the meat in the cabinet, and the process runs fully automatically.

Engaging in home dry aging also promotes sustainable meat consumption and helps reduce factory farming. The meat cuts used in the DRY AGER cabinets are of higher quality than standard offerings, primarily sourced from regional producers. This approach makes meat purchasing more personal and traceable.

The DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S is especially suited for home meat aging. Its compact design, standard width of 60 cm, fits seamlessly into built-in kitchens while offering ample capacity. For those experienced in Dry Aging, manual adjustment of the DRY AGER cabinet’s parameters remains an option.

DRY AGER unit in the living room – an eye-catcher
DRY AGER unit stylishly integrated into the kitchen

Is it worth it to have a DRY AGER aging cabinet in my home?

The value of investing in a DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S for home use boils down to one question: Have you ever experienced the delight of a juicy, ultra-tender, flavorful dry aged steak? If so, you likely understand the allure of dry aging. Aging meat at home is not only enjoyable but can also be cost-effective. Dry aged steaks often cost up to three times more than conventional meat.

If you enjoy preparing dry-aged meat for yourself and your guests frequently, the investment in our compact DRY AGER aging cabinet is undoubtedly worthwhile. Available in chic matte black, it offers an attractive entry-level price. Utilizing self-aged meat from your DRY AGER for summer BBQ parties can quickly offset the initial purchase cost.



How complicated is setting up and maintaining the DRY AGER aging cabinet?

If you’re comfortable setting up a new refrigerator, you’ll find installing the DRY AGER meat aging cabinet just as straightforward. Simply unpack, remove protective films and cardboard, plug in the device, and turn it on. Our cabinets are designed for ease of use, requiring no water connection, and eliminating the need for frequent water tank refills and disinfection to prevent germ issues.

Maintenance of the DRY AGER climate cabinet is minimal. If you opt for salt blocks, they need replacement approximately every three years. Only the UV-C bulb and the activated carbon filter require annual replacement. Conveniently, your DRY AGER cabinet will remind you to perform these tasks with a service notification on the display.

Experience the simplicity of dry aging at home!

DRY AGER unit in the kitchen
DRY AGER unit at home

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