Best Book 2022 – The Dry Aging Bible gets GOLD

The GAD GOLD medal for the Dry Aging Bible: Best Book 2022 in the “Fish & Poultry” category – The GAD gold medal now adorns The Dry Aging Bible. Every year at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the German Gastronomic Academy (GAD) honors the best books related to “food, drink, enjoyment and dining culture”. As winner of the “Fish and Poultry” category, The Dry Aging Bible absolutely lives up to its name as a Bible. An absolutely divine piece of work from DRY AGER® Manufaktur that even goes far beyond the aging of meat.

The Dry Aging Bible - GAD Award Gold Meat+Poultry

“A great book with excellent pictures, well-structured and with lots of know-how!”

Harald G. Platz, Chairman of GAD, paid tribute to The Dry Aging Bible at the awards ceremony at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, saying: “There is an expectation for a bible. From creation to completion. (…) . This book has the potential to be a reference work on meat aging. Christian und Aaron Landig are also adopting new entrepreneurially challenging approaches here. To do this, they’ve put together a top-class team of chefs, scientists and authors (…). And the result – in terms of scientific findings, recipes, conception and utility value for the target group – proves them right. It’s a great book with excellent pictures, well-structured and with lots of know-how!”

As well as the team mentioned at the award ceremony, The Dry Aging Bible is the work of DRY AGER® Manufaktur from Swabian Bad Saulgau with the inventors of the Dry Aging fridges, Christian und Aaron Landig. Together with meat expert and author Peter Wagner, they have compiled their extensive expertise in The Dry Aging Bible. The book, which is also available in English and is over 300 pages long, is the world’s leading standard work on the benefits, scientific facts and culinary facets of dry aging meat, poultry, sausage and ham, fish, cheese, wine, herbs and pasta.

Christian Landig is thrilled about this award: “We wanted to produce a real bible on the theme of dry aging, which leads almost directly to the umami and kokumi gourmet heaven and conveys all our knowledge in an understandable and visually appealing way, which is not necessarily an easy feat when it comes to meat. Dry aging is an incredibly effective way of turning food into delicacies. Showing this appreciation for our food – especially food of animal origin – and really making the very best of it is enjoyable sustainability for us. We’re delighted to receive such a great award for our book from the book industry.”

The Dry Aging Bible explains the history and practice of dry aging in great detail. Exceptional photos show the options for refining a wide variety of foods. Inspiring recipes from star chef Harald Derfuß, meat expert Lucki Maurer and avant-garde chef Christoph Hauser also serve up some food for thought.

The Dry Aging Bible - GAD Award Gold Meat+Poultry

The award

The gold metal is awarded for the best cookbook in the relevant category.
The DRY AGER® fridge has also received several awards: iF Design Award | German Design Award | Plus X Award | Red Dot Design Award

The Dry Aging Bible

The Dry Aging Bible turns amateur cooks into professionals – and makes meat experts even more creative. More than 300 pages are dedicated to the aging of meat, poultry, ham, sausage, cheese and even fish in the DRY AGER® fridge from food to super delicacy.

Bound in fine linen, 336 pages cover everything you need to know about dry aging and maturation. This book outlines the history and current practice of dry aging in great (scientific) detail. It contains breathtaking photos showing hundreds of examples of meat aging, the production of world-famous ham and salami varieties, cheese ripening and fish processing. Not to mention detailed information and specific guidance. The book’s numerous recipes from renowned chefs round off this masterpiece.

In a world first, all important aspects on the topic of dry aging have been summarized in incredible detail. The Dry Aging Bible includes extensive information, a wealth of knowledge on aging, instructions and surprising inspiration. The book accompanies the reader step by step through the entire dry aging process in theory and practice. The book covers everything from choosing the right meat or other food product, the perfect way to prepare the raw product, how to use the right tool, choosing the right aging program, through to preparing the aged product with delicious recipes. A must-have for every dry aging enthusiast: The whole world of fine food, made@home.


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