It´s all in the seasoning – Ham and salami from the DRY AGER curing cabinet?

DRY AGER spice mixtures for homemade ham and sausage

What do I need to make my own ham and salami?

Thanks to the new SmartAging® Technology you can make countless ham and salami specialties from all over the world yourself with your DRY AGER maturing cabinet. For example South Tyrolean bacon, Black Forest ham, Bündnerfleisch (Swiss air-dried beef), beef jerky and pastrami. Or sausage varieties such as Kaminwurzen, Chorizo, Milanese and Hungarian salami through to Merguez sausages or Chinese Lap Cheong. For homemade ham & sausage you only need the right fresh meat, and for the salamis the right sausage casing. And the typical spices – but lots of them.

Is it worth buying the spices individually?

If you make several kilos of ham and sausage yourself every month with the DRY AGER maturing cabinet, you could also buy the necessary spices individually, mortar or grind them and weigh them out. Depending on the project, however, this can be quite time consuming: Different types of pepper such as Tellicherry or Szechuan, nitrite curing salt, juniper berries, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, garlic granules, ginger, carrot powder, sage, cloves, cumin, thyme, oregano, savory, paprika, marjoram, cardamom, onion granules, jalapeño chili powder, glucose, cane sugar, dextrose, palm sugar, demerara sugar, allspice, mace, cinnamon, nutmeg, pimentón de la vera, fennel seeds, dried lemon peel, harissa, ras-el-hanout, aniseed, fivespice, celery salt – who wants to put all this in their store or pantry?

Smart Seasoning – Blends of spices for all occasions

For this reason, we have had the perfect spice mix produced for each of the 22 typical ham and salami varieties from our multi-award-winning book “The Dry Aging Bible”. With our Smart Seasoning, all you need to do is weigh out the quantity (15-120 g for 1 kg of meat, depending on the recipe) of the mixture – and your next ambitious ham or salami project can start immediately.

Practical: You do not even need a refrigerator for continued storage of the homemade ham and salami: Both the DRY AGER DX 1000 Premium S and the DX 500 Premium S have their own special program for perfect and safe storage.

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DRY AGER spice mixtures for ham and sausage

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