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Making your own Coppa ham in the DRY AGER

Coppa Schinken im DRY AGER selber machen

What is Coppa?

Coppa is a raw ham speciality originating in various regions of Italy and the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. It is also very often produced in Corsica. A suitable climate is a prerequisite for the successful production of air-dried ham. This essentially consists of a cool breeze and a constant, relatively high humidity. In the regions in which Coppa is mainly produced, these conditions are usually present. In other latitudes, the DRY AGER can alternatively provide an ideal maturing climate.

Make air-dried Italian ham yourself

Make air-dried Italian ham yourselfFor production, the pork meat – ideally the neck – is prepared from unwanted tendons and fat and then salted. This can be done using a mixture of nitrite curing salt, juniper, pepper, nutmeg, sugar and garlic or a ready-to-use curing mixture. The curing itself takes place best under vacuum.

The spices are then washed off, allow the meat to dry in the DRY AGER and then place in a dry white wine for about four to six hours. Afterwards, let it hang and dry out well and put it into a natural casing, preferably beef, which has been thoroughly cleaned and with fat removed. Alternatively, you can use sheep or hog casing. Finally, tie it with a little string.

Coppa in the DRY AGER

Allow the Coppa to mature for six weeks to several months in the DRY AGER.

Settings for the DRY AGER:
Temperature: 4°C
Humidity: 80 %

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