Perfect maturation – take the right meat

Dry Aging: Die richtige Fleischauswahl

Perfect maturation – with the right meat for DRY AGER

When we think of dry aged meat, immediately the image of a dark red beef steaks flashes by. In fact, beef is the most commonly used type of meat for the Dry Age process. But it is not the only possibility. Even pork, venison and lamb are perfectly suited for it.

It all starts with the animal

As always, here too, the rule of thumb: only good results if the input is also good. The correct choice of meat begins with the race and livestock farming. Whether beef, pork or lamb, the meat should be well marbled. Therefore, the animals may not grow too fast. Meat from mass production does not belong to the shopping list.

Not only with the lamb the right age plays a role. For Dry Aged Beef it is a particularly suitable meat of heifers, for example from 24 month old female cows. The cattle breeds, the Japanese Kobe and the American Angus are considered as favorites. The animals are nowadays also raised in Germany. Imported meat makes for a poor environmental record. Imports bring also another disadvantage for dry aging: during the transport the meat is pre matured.

In pigs, the European races are number one. Not only the Hungarian woolly pig and the Swabian-Hall Pig are very popular. The good quality is also produced here by a slow breeding and a natural food source – how the world-famous, acorns-guzzling Iberian pigs prove. Pork should mature at least two weeks, but max. 28 days.

Wilde temptations
Fine marbled venison tastes dry matured even spicier and is particularly tender. Deer steak, venison or wild boar can ripen up to four weeks. Not only wild species from German forests are good dry matured. The dark, strong bison meat tastes even rustic after 3-4 weeks maturing period.

Lamb actually has very little time. The pink flesh of a young milk lambs is therefore not suitable to be finished in the DRY AGER. However, up to a year, the Schergengruber lamb eats enough of mountain herbs and grasses. Under the caring hand of the German meat guru and sheep farmer Lucki Maurer it finds its way to the star kitchens.

Rindfleisch oder Beef - sehr beliebt fürs Dry Aging
Schweinefleisch oder Pork: Eignet sich gut fürs Dry Aging
Achten Sie auf eine gute Fleischqualität
Wildfleisch eignet sich ebenfalls fürs Dry Aging
Lamm - eine gute Wahl beim Dry Aging
Dry Aging Fleischgenuß auf höchstem Niveau

The right piece

The meat is matured on the bone dry and therefore loses about one-third of its volume. Therefore, small preprocessed pieces are hardly suitable. Anyone requesting fresh meat from the butcher, may therefore order a whole back. The DRY AGER offers enough space. In addition to the back panel also loins are ideally suited for the dry maturing. They create the buttery tender fillet pieces. Pork shoulder, lamb shank or Oxen also get an intense, nutty-buttery taste of its own, by the dry aging process.

The right quality

For a perfect result, the meat should be well mixed and have a rather dark color. The fat should be white and firm. In aqueous or doughy consistency of the dry aging process is affected. The fat ceiling may not be redeemed by the way. It is an important flavor carrier and protects the underlying meat from drying out.

The right cut

With a little prior knowledge and the right tools the meat can be processed further without problems after the dry aging process. From the ribs of beef and pork with a little skill, the spectacular-looking “Tomahawk”-Steaks will be cut. By that a chop (pork) or rib eye (beef) is triggered on particularly long bones. The shape is reminiscent of an ax of the North American opulation, which has lent its name to the steak.

Also meatless not useless …

Thanks to the sophisticated technology of DRY AGER not much remains to be done – but wait and watch. The glass front allows the control of meat maturation, without having to open the cabinet. As long as the meat matures, no other food should be stored in the DRY AGER. Basically, exactly regulated temperature technology can also be used completely meatless. Cheese can be found here also perfect conditions to mature tastefully.

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