DRY AGER – Making your own sausage and salami in the Dry Aging Unit

Sausage from the DRY AGER dry aging cabinet

How does the DRY AGER® Cabinet become a sausage factory?

When the chips are really down, only one thing helps in the long run: Transparency. This is because when it comes to salami or Mettwurst from the shop, only God (and the butcher) really know what are put into the casing. With the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Unit, this is a thing of the past, because it allows you to make every known type of raw sausage yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Until now, this was a sausage-making art that could only be mastered by professionals. Whether Milanese salami, Spanish chorizo, China’s Lap Cheong, Boerewors from South Africa, German Mettwurst or US Pepperettes – with the DRY AGER® cabinet and the corresponding sausage recipes, for example from the DRY AGING BIBLE, our palate is able to travel all around the world of raw sausage. And you always know what is in the sausage.

Finishing salami in the DRY AGER dry aging cabinet

Is it really safe to make sausages with the DRY AGER® sausage curing cabinet?

As the meat in raw sausages such as salami or Mettwurst sausages actually remains raw until they are eaten, their production is quite a hygiene science in itself. Although these sausages are preserved by curing, salting, drying and/or smoking, the meat quality, pH value, aging process, humidity and temperature must be 100% correct. And this is exactly where the ingenious smart aging technology of the DRY AGER® sausage Dry Aging Unit fully demonstrates its strengths: Its unbelievable germ safety in connection with the smart aging programs for each step of sausage aging make it the perfect incubator for raw sausage delicacies of all kinds – practically a small DIY sausage factory!

What else do I need to make sausages with the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Unit?

For the first DIY sausage trials, it is enough to have the meat and bacon mixture you want freshly minced at your local butcher, season the sausage meat as desired and press it manually into a suitable sausage casing. The DRY AGER® Dry Aging Unit does the rest (if necessary with the support of an external smoking station). But anyone who has ever tasted their homemade sausage wants more of it. And with DRY AGER you will find everything you need for happy and successful sausage making: from mincing meat and bacon with the W 200 mincer to the bubble-free filling of the sausage casings with the sausage filler to the special slide-in shelves for the DRY AGER® cabinet.

And because you need vast amounts of individual spices for such different raw sausage projects as Hungarian salami, Kaminwurzen, Merguez, or Italian salsiccia, DRY AGER has the perfectly matched spice mixtures for the most important recipes. Some of these raw sausages can even be kept for some time without further refrigeration; the rest, under ideal conditions, can be kept fresh for weeks using the special storage program for sausage and ham.

With the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Unit, every sausage gets two happy ends: both at the front and the back!

DRY AGER spice mixtures for sausage

Meat grinder for processing Dry Aged Beef

The sausage filler facilitates the filling of the casing during sausage production

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