Why is SmartAging® the better form of Dry Aging?

Dry Aged Fleisch, Wurst, Fisch, Käse einfach per Knopfdruck durch SmartAging Technologie

Clever & smart – not just meat is refined this way today!

Refining meat was always the great strength of the DRY AGER aging equipment. With no other technology can meat cuts from beef, wild game and poultry be transformed into dry-aged delicacies of the highest quality. But we are just getting started – with the new SmartAging® Technology, the DRY AGER® aging cabinet becomes a jack-of-all-trades with a success guarantee. In addition to the (still) manually adjustable parameters such as temperature or humidity and the airflow, even the most sophisticated, complex aging projects are possible at the push of a button thanks to intelligent technology. With SmartAging®, you can make, for example, countless ham and salami specialties from all over the world such as Black Forest ham, Hungarian salami, pastrami or South Tyrolean bacon.

What exactly is the difference between Dry Aging and SmartAging®?

The new generation of DRY AGER aging cabinets such as the DX 1000 Premium S or the compact DX 500 Premium S can not just create amazing parameter-ranges (40 to 90 % humidity; temperature 0° to 30°C) – the intelligent, fully automatic aging programs in SmartAging® technology were perfectly optimized and attuned to the peculiarities of the individual foods and the aging projects. Many years of development and fine-tuning are behind it, which were well worth it: With the completely sustainable SmartAging® there is even less drying waste than ever before and you can select from three different taste targets for your dry-aging cuts: Basic, intense and (for the advanced dry-aging aficionados) even intense +.


What can SmartAging® do aside from meat and sausage?

What used to be unthinkable can be safely and easily achieved today with SmartAging® – dry aging fish, fish filets and making dried cod. Outstanding and unimagined new worlds of taste open up to you, with the flavors of butter and almonds. Huge side-effect: And at the same time, the shelf-life of whole fish is increased by up to 10 days. But even all kinds of cheese can be perfectly refined with SmartAging®, better than in any cheese aging cabinet and you can make yourself into a professional affineur. Still not enough? Then just try out the SmartAging® special programs and use the DRY AGER as a wine storage refrigerator, as a cigar humidor, for drying out your DIY-pasta or for sustainable desiccation of fruit, vegetables and mushrooms.

And after all that, quickly run it through the cleaning program – and you will be ready to dive into your next SmartAging® adventure!

Unendlich viele Möglichkeiten dank SmartAging

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