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Why meat can be ordered without hesitation for the maturity online?

Fleisch bedenkenlos online bestellen

The DRY AGER is ready. Now only misses a good beef base. But wait, not every piece of beef leads to the perfect Dry Aged enjoyment. Those who want the full flavor of dry aged steaks, should ordered beef from a good butcher. But what to do when no professional butcher is in your own neighborhood? One uses the blessing of modern technology. On the Internet ordering meat  is easy, fast and secure.


Online – butchery: the right choice

Online - butchery: the right choiceNot every piece of meat is also suitable for dry aging. This starts with the animal, because good attitude can taste it. The cut has to be right and the freshness and quality are required. On the Internet, the goods can be viewed only through photos. Whether everything is correct, you only know if the parcel has arrived. Good online providers rely on transparency. Information on the origin, raised, slaughtered and aftertreatment are open on the network and accessible on the site. This makes choosing the right meat shipment easier.


Meat maturation: time is a matter of taste

The faster the meat comes into the maturity cabinet, the longer it has time to develop his unique Dry Age taste. Butcher were sitting on the source. You can choose your supplier and the meat wanders without lengthy interruptions from the slaughterhouse in the maturing cabinet. Meat from the grocery store is on the other hand usually ripened already in a vacuum. Here the dry aging could only promise more a decoration.

Meat maturation: time is a matter of tasteFor the pure taste of Dry Age you should order fresh beef. Sits the trustworthy butcher around the corner, just a not matured piece can be reserved at the next slaughter. If no local expert is available, you can buy meat online. But again, regional is better. Those who choose import from overseas, are facing similar problems as in the supermarket meat. By transporting the vacuum bag the meat matures after already before it lands in the Dry Aging cabinet.


Order Online Meat – What are the options?

If one decides to buy online one has the spoiled of choice. Whoever types “order beef” in a search engine, is rewarded with numerous links. Organic cattle, Simmental cattle or Swabian Galloway’s on offer here for sale. Online portals like “MyBeef” offer different cuts and cuts of different races. Often the parts are already pre-mature because they are stored in cold stores in between.

There are also first Internet portals that work with the crowd butching principle. Similar to the swarm finance crowd funding, potential buyers together can be found here on the platform of cattle and meat. Only when all the parts are sold, slaughtering starts. This has the advantage that smaller amounts can be ordered. But it also leads to longer waiting times, because it can take up for all pieces have found buyers. So can ever pass 4 to 12 weeks until the steak meat arrives.


Buy meat online – How it works

Really fresh meat orders usually provide the producers themselves. Particularly in large quantities. Similar to the butcher’s shop in the online shops preorders will be issued. At the next slaughter the order is then delivered. The DRY AGER partner ADLA GOURMET shipped best quality meat from female approximately 24 months old cattle (heifers) produced in the region in Germany. The piece of meat comes just days after slaughter, cooled via UPS home. Slaughter and delivery take place on a weekly basis. It must therefore be expected here as well a delivery time of 7 to 14 days. Order meat online can therefore be very simple. All it takes is the right shop, a little patience and someone who opens the supplier the door.

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