Dry Ager DX500 2er Set Salzblöcke
Dry Ager DX500 2er Set Salzblöcke

DX 500 – Saltair Salt Block Set

Art.-Nr.: DX0058
Salt Block Set (2-pieces) for maximum flavour and optimal humidity regulation in the DRY AGER.


1 x Saltair® Salt Block Set DX0058
(1 Set = 2 x salt-block for the tray DX0075)


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Original Accessories for your DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S, DX 500 Premium or DX 500

2 x Salt-Block in a Set
Natural Saltair® Crystal salt blocks for a more intense flavour during the aging-process and optimal support of humidity regulation in your DRY AGER®.
The durability of a salt block is extended when in operation with the DRY AGER. Life expectancy over 2 years.

Tip: The matching stainless steel tray DX0075 can also be order directly!

Please order 1 x Set Saltair Saltblock-Set DX0058 for the tray DX0075 to fill the tray completely.