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BEEF!® – Issue 05/2020

“Discover your spiritual side – with homemade salami! Let others do yoga, we sit in front of the “Dry Ager” and experience with our sausages how we mature internally. And enlightenment comes at the latest at dinner – promised!”

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Dry Aged Schweinesteak aus dem DRY AGER RezeptKnowledge, DRY AGER, Recipes

Perfect dry aged Pork Steak from the DRY AGER

Knowledge, Recipes

Making your own Coppa ham in the DRY AGER


Is a dry aging fridge worthwhile?

Dry-aged leg of duck with sweet dried fruitRecipes

Dry-aged leg of duck with sweet dried fruit

Knowledge, DRY AGER, Events

‘On the dot’– DRY AGER® wins Red Dot Design Award 2018

ry Aged beef tacos with cucumber and buckwheatRecipes

Dry Aged beef tacos with cucumber and buckwheat

Der DRY AGER Test - Bericht von grillen-entdeckenKnowledge

Dry Aging Fridge – Review and Product Test by an Expert

DRY AGER – iF AwardKnowledge, DRY AGER, Events

Proud achievement – The DRY AGER® wins the iF Design Award 2018

Dry-Aged beef steak with buckwheat, onions and carrotsRecipes

Dry-Aged beef steak with buckwheat, onions and carrots


Asian fusilli with pine nuts and dry-aged beef


The difference between a refrigerator and a dry-aging fridge

Dry-Aged Ribeye Steak with Mushrooms and CamembertRecipes

Dry-Aged Ribeye Steak with Mushrooms and Camembert


Dry Ager – Made in Germany

Hereford Entrecôte Steak Dry-Aged Sandwich with honey marinadeRecipes

Hereford Entrecôte Steak Dry-Aged Sandwich with honey marinade


Dry Aging maturing bags

Dry-Aged Entrecôte Steak with Sumach and Fourme d' Ambert SaladRecipes

Entrecote Steak Dry-Aged with Sumach and Fourme d’ Ambert Salad


What does Dry Aged mean?

Dry-Aged Beef Fillet with Rosemary Potato PearRecipes

Dry-Aged Beef Fillet with Rosemary mashed Potatoes

Knowledge, DRY AGER, Events

Looking good! DRY AGER® receives the German Design Award 2018

Dry-Aged Entrecote SandwichRecipes

Dry-Aged Entrecôte sandwich with mountain cheese gratinated

Dry-Aged Beef Mini Burger homemadeRecipes

Dry-Aged Beef Mini Burger with Cheddar Cheese – Delicious Soul Food

special dry aged beefKnowledge

What makes Dry Aged Beef so special?

Spaghetti with basil pesto and dry-aged steakRecipes

Spaghetti with basil pesto and dry-aged steak

Dry-aged entrecôte steak with curryRecipes

Entrecôte steak dry-aged with mild curry and pickled pumpkin

Knowledge, DRY AGER

Shopfitting – Design makes the difference

Dry-Aged-Roastbeef with Rucola Cashew SaladRecipes

Dry-Aged Roastbeef with Rucola Cashew Salad

Dry-Aged fillet with delicious truffle butterRecipes

Dry-Aged beef fillet with truffle butter and pickled cucumbers

Sustainable cattle breeding for high quality meatKnowledge

High-quality meat – the maturation makes it


Excellent – The DRY AGER® wins the Plus X Award 2017

Dry-Aged-Entrecôte Korean StyleRecipes

Dry-Aged-Entrecôte Korean Style

Panning a dry-aged steakKnowledge

Panning a dry-aged steak

Molds during meat maturingKnowledge

Molds during meat maturing

The perfect Dry-Aged-SteakKnowledge

The perfect dry-aged steak

Meat Seminar magazineKnowledge

Dry Ager Meat Seminar – It’s all about the flavor

Dry-Aged BBQ Baby Back Ribs with Honey MarinadeRecipes

Dry-Aged BBQ Baby Back Ribs with Honey Marinade

dry-aged beef filletRecipes

Dry-Aged beef fillet with asparagus and mushrooms

Dry Ager CabinetKnowledge

How does a dry aging cabinet work?

Dry-Aged Mangalitza Entrecôte Roasts from the grillRecipes

Dry-Aged Mangalitza Entrecôte Roasts from the grill

Why meat must matureKnowledge

Why does meat have to hang?

Dry-Aged Entrecôte with HerbsRecipes

Dry-Aged Entrecôte with Herbs & Balsamico Tomatoes

Dry-Aged Crusty Roast of the WarthogRecipes

Dry-Aged roast from woolly pig – Simply Delicious!


What happens during Dry-Aging meat?

Knowledge, DRY AGER

The dry ager is the best aid for butcher

Dry-Aged Beef as a ravioliRecipes

Dry-Aged Beef Ravioli – The most delicious ravioli in the world

Knowledge, DRY AGER

Proper handling of the Dry Ager

Ribbon noodles with dry-aged minceRecipes

Ribbon noodles with dry-aged mince – enjoy delicious italian!


How meat is properly processed – so the dry maturing succeeds

Dry-Aged Beef Tatar with trufflesRecipes

Dry-Aged Beef Tatar with truffles

Dry Aged BeefKnowledge

Grill tips for the preparation of dry-aged beef


Dry aging of sausage and ham

Dry-Aged Beef Tatar with Quail EggRecipes

Dry-Aged Beef Tatar with Quail Egg – Spicy & Delicious!


Meat quality when maturing – How good should it be?

Dry-Aging or Wet-AgingKnowledge

Dry-Aging or Wet-Aging – Which meat ripening is better?


The best burger in the world – Homemade with dry-aged beef!


Dry-Aged Fillet of Grill with Baked Potatoes and Shrimp

Dry-Aged Steak with grilled potato slicesRecipes

Dry Aged entrecote steak grilled with golden brown potato slices

Dry-Aging: The best meat for maturingKnowledge, DRY AGER

Dry-Aging: The best meat for maturing

Delicious dim sum dish with Dry-Aged mincedRecipes

Dim Sum with Dry-Aged minced scallions


Truffle Gnocchi with Dry-Aged Filet Strips

Dry-Aged beef with grilled vegetables and truffleRecipes

Dry-Aged beef with grilled vegetables and truffle


Is the grill the better stove?


Dry Aged Beef from the Smoker

Knowledge, DRY AGER

Why meat can be ordered without hesitation for the maturity online?


Dry Aged Beef – an unforgettable taste


Dry Aged Beef and the vacuum matured brother

Knowledge, DRY AGER


Knowledge, DRY AGER

Look allowed! The meat pleasure

Reifung, Dry-Ager, Perfekte ReifungKnowledge

Forward and reverse cooking for best meat joy

Dry Aging Papst über FleischreifungKnowledge

Dirk Ludwig – the German Dry Aging pope for meat maturation


BEEF!® – Issue 06/2015

Maturity test passed with flying colors!

With the “ Dry Ager” you can condition meat without foreknowledge!

Almost four weeks long in the “Dry Ager”, the first conditioning fridge for your home. Terrific fun and terrific taste!

The best present for men in the world!

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Rezept Dry-Aged Steak-Streifen mit Gemüse-PicklesRecipes

Dry-Aged Steak Strips with Vegetables Pickles

Rezept Dry-Aged Beef TatarRecipes

Dry-Aged Beef tartare with chives and coriander

Dry-Aged-Beef-Streifen mit OfenkürbisRecipes

Dry-Aged Beef Strips with oven pumpkin and herb sauce

Dry-Aged-Porterhouse SteakRecipes

Bistecca alla fiorentina from Dry Aged Porterhouse Steak

Das A-Z der besten Steak-CutsKnowledge

The A-Z of Steak Cuts of Ribeye to T-Bone

Dry-Aged RouladenRecipes

Dry-Aged roulades from Havelland beef with green beans

Dry-Aged RinderfiletRecipes

Dry-Aged Beef fillet with parmesan crust and pea puree

Dry-Aged Rinderfilet mit KartoffelpufferRecipes

Dry-Aged Beef fillet with potato pancakes and vegetable bed

Dry-Aged Filet CarpaccioRecipes

Dry-Aged Filet Carpaccio with Grana Padano and Salad

Kobe und Wagyu - glückliche RinderKnowledge

The happiest cattle in the world

Knowledge, DRY AGER


Dry Aging: Die richtige FleischauswahlKnowledge

Perfect maturation – take the right meat

Lecker: Dry Aged Beef JerkyKnowledge, Recipes


Weiderinder, die Basis für gutes Dry Aged BeefKnowledge



Ludwig Maurer

The Dry Ager is the only possibility to make our meat even better. We mature our Wagyu from Schergengrub in these top devices and we have noticed: there is no alternative! We are happy to have found a partner in Landig, who shares our quality expectations and implements it exactly as we have always desired.

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Dry Aged Porterhouse from the grill with Pimientos de Padrón


Dry Aged Befehlet from Simmentaler Cattle with truffle sauce


Dry Aged Rumpsteak with Summer Bean Salad


Marienburg Monheim Grill Academy

The Dry Ager is a sensational product for grill and meat fans: visually appealing and pleasing in all other aspects – a work of art with delicious contents. The technology works without a glitch. Just hang it up and watch – the results are amazing. The best meat I have ever eaten!

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Why meat must age


Restaurant Hofgut Kargegg

Great device with a very attractive optic. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable. Saving up to buy the second one.

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EDEKA fresh food market Zickuhr

We have been maturing our meat from heifers that originate from controlled animal husbandries in the DRY AGER for quite some time now. This product convinced us and left us fully satisfied. The meat ages evenly and develops the typical dry aged beef aroma. We would also like to point out, that the DRY AGER is uncomplicated and easy to clean.

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Soon! The DRY AGER meat-seminar


Dry Aged Lamb Chops with Lentil Salad and mashed Potatoes


Dry Aged Beef Tenderloin with French Fries, String Beans and Thyme Butter


Product presentation at the Internorga 2015 fair in Hamburg


The roots of Dry Aged Beef – a trend with tradition