DX 1000 - Half Shelf 1443
DX 1000 - Half Shelf 1443
DX 1000 - Half Shelf 1445

DX 1000 – Half Shelf

Art.-Nr.: DX0015

The solution to be able to mature entire backs and parts simultaneously in the Dry Aging cabinet.


1 x Half Shelf DX0015


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Original accessories for your DRY AGER® DX 1000® Premium S, DX 1000 Premium or DX 1000

A half-shelf for the DRY AGER. Perfect to hang full backs and put half pieces to the rack. Of course, this half-shelf can be used individually at different heights in the DRY AGER DX 1000 Premium S, DX 1000 Premium or DX 1000.

Maximum of 5 grids per unit with reasonable division. Load capacity per half insertion: 25 kg

The shelf can only be used at the front, you can not push it completely backwards.