Dry Ager UVC 2 Birne
Dry Ager UVC 2 Birne
Dry Ager UVC Birne UVC1
UVC Replacement Bulb 1549

UVC Replacement Bulb

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For annual appliance maintenance – please order at the same time.  Please note the Service Number to select the right UVC version. You will find more information in the product description.


1 x UVC replacement bulb, with installation instructions


Product is on stock, shipping time depending on destination.

Original spare part for your DRY AGER.

UVC replacement bulb for annual equipment maintenance. It is recommended to replace the bulb once a year for continuous operation in order to benefit permanently from the full efficiency of the UVC sterilization box. The UVC bulb for your DRY AGER can be replaced quickly and easily by yourself. You will receive detailed information with description, installation and operating instructions.


Check the Service Number and DRY AGER version to select the correct UVC replacement bulb version:

Which DRY AGER model do you have?

  • DX 500 Premium S > Please select UVC2
  • DX 1000 Premium S > Please select UVC2
  • DX 500 Premium > Please select UVC2
  • DX 1000 Premium > Please select UVC2
  • DX 500 > Please select UVC1
  • DX 1000 > Please follow the following steps to select the correct UVC version:

Please check the service number of your DRY AGER DX 1000. You will find the Service Number on the type label in your device. See picture below. (The type label is located on the left side of the inner container in the lower section). Please select the correct UVC version from the table below.


Service-No. Compatible version
0900357-01 UVC1
0900357-02 UVC1
0900357-03 UVC1
0900359-02 UVC1
0900359-03 UVC1
0902002-01 UVC1
0902002-02 UVC1
0902003-01 UVC1
0902003-02 UVC1
0929621-01 UVC1
0929621-02 UVC1
0929459-05 UVC1
0930613-01 UVC1
0930613-02 UVC1
0930613-03 UVC1
0930613-04 UVC1
0902612-01 UVC2
0902614-01 UVC2
0902614-02 UVC2




Note: Please note that the plastic protection on the UVC bulb (UVC2) must not be removed.