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Dry AgerMesser Magnetleiste ohne Messer
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DRY AGER Magnetic Knife Holder

Art.-Nr.: DX0097

The magnetic DRY AGER knife holder presents your favorite chef’s knives in a stylish design. Thus you always have your DRY AGER knife set and cleaver ready to hand.

Scope of delivery

1 x DRY AGER magnetic knife holder (DX0097)

Shipping information

Product is on stock, shipping time depending on destination.

The elegant Dry Ager knife holder made of walnut wood offers various storage options within a length of 51 cm: a huge surface at the front, two knife gaps in the front and a larger gap on each side. There is a suitable place for every knife type.  There are magnets invisibly embedded in the wood that ensure a good grip for the knife blades.

The DRY AGER® magnetic knife holder fits perfectly into the set of the other high quality DRY AGER® kitchen utensils and impresses in a unique optic.

MATERIAL: walnut wood
CLEANING: not dishwasher-safe, clean with warm water and detergent
DIMENSIONS: 510 x 40 x 76 mm (W x D x H)
WEIGHT: 1000 g
MOUNTING: There are two suspension points on the back, for an easy installation with two screws on the wall.