Half Sirloin - Roastbeef (German Heifer) 1575
Half Sirloin - Roastbeef (German Heifer) 1575
Half Sirloin - Roastbeef (German Heifer) 1577
Half Sirloin - Roastbeef (German Heifer) 1579
Half Sirloin - Roastbeef (German Heifer) 1581

Half Sirloin – Roastbeef (German Heifer)

Art.-Nr.: DX0310

Half sirloin roastbeef – german heifer (Kilo Price: € 34,29 gross) – delivery to your home (Germany only!)


1 x Half Sirloin roastbeef, chilled (weight approx. 7 kg)


Shipping only in Germany and Austria! Shipping is chilled and takes approx. 8 working-days

Receive the best quality meat for your DRY AGER®

>Only in Germany available!

On the recommendation of the magazine BEEF! (Issue 05/2015)

-We ship fresh meat, just a few days after slaughter
-Delivery in cooling box by UPS
-Weight approx. 7 kg

Not every meat is suitable for the dry aging. Therefore order directly from the Dry Aging experts a half sirloin conveniently to your home. It offers the best quality and a sirloin, the marbled very nice and is particularly delicate. What follows: 4-6 weeks Dry Aging in your DRY AGER® fridge – you will be impressed by your dry aged sirloin.

Meat from the German heifer, hand-picked quality.
It comes exclusively from female cattle about 24 months old (heifer meat) from regional production in Germany.

100% quality from Germany (4xD)
Born: Germany
Mashed: Germany
Slaughtered: Germany
Dismantled: Germany

The back comes a few days after slaughter cooled via UPS to your home.

Please note that on the day of delivery (previously notified by e-mail), someone must be at home to accept the goods, otherwise the meat must be disposed of at your expense instead of being re-delivered.