Vulkanus Knife Sharpener 57431
Vulkanus Knife Sharpener 57431

Vulkanus Knife Sharpener

Art.-Nr.: Z11076

Vulkanus Knife Sharpener Plastic – Next Generation – For razor-sharp smooth and serrated edge knives. Sharpening and honing in one.


1 x Vulkanus Plastic Knife Sharpener (Z11076)


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Professional tool for processing Dry Aged Beef:

Wow! There’s nothing to complain about, this knife sharpener beats all other manual knife sharpeners flat. Sharpening and honing in one, perfect for smooth and serrated butcher and household knives as well as small cleavers, axes, and scissors. However, not suitable for ceramic knives.

Next Generation model, now even better! The VULKANUS® ensures a razor-sharp blade in no time and with the simplest handling.

Razor-sharp result without heat development thanks to the patented spring system. The high-quality materials guarantee a long service life as well as food safety. The VULKANUS® impresses with an especially secure stand and is also dishwasher safe.

Special features:

  • Sharpening and honing in one
  • Suitable for smooth and serrated knives
  • No scratches on the blade surface
  • Adapts to the cutting angle
  • Sharpens without heat development
  • Especially secure stand
  • Dishwasher safe