Forward and reverse cooking for best meat joy

Reifung, Dry-Ager, Perfekte Reifung

Actually, it is, you should never go backwards in life. But this wisdom does not apply to a good steak. Because here the change of direction leaves you wanting more. Talking about the reverse cooking – a simple technique in which the meat develops new flavors. Dry Aged Beef is also suitable for this technique.

Reverse is not Retro

Brown the meat until crisp and then let it rest – we all know the basic rule for a tender steak. For centuries, this cooking technique has been proven in the kitchens of Europe. Already in the early middle ages, the mansions had own fry kitchens. According to rumors, it was so hot in that the pre-fried meat cooked without furnace and the chefs did not wear pants. The kitchen equipment has fortunately evolved. Why then go into the old ways of preparation? Also some professional cooks have asked themself this topic and inserted into reverse. Now the trend spills over from the star hotels in the Hobby kitchens.

What makes the difference?

In the classical cooking the meat is first fried. This should close the “pores”. Perhaps this was ok in times when the temperatures could regulated only roughly. The disadvantage of the par-frying is that the fine frying crust is lost during the resting time. Anyone looking for a crispy-spicy steak experience, will reverse cooking from now. The principle sounds simple and it basically also is. The meat is first pre-cooked in the oven or sous-vide and then seared. It will take a bit of practice. Whoever cooks backwards, must rethink.

The right technique

It starts with the question of whether the meat ends up in the pan or on the grill. In any case, these three methods that amplify through different cooking processes cause different flavors. For a perfect result, a good equipment and friendly helpers are recommended, like a meat thermometer, which measures the core temperature in the steak.

Sous-Vide-Garen mit einem Lavide Gerät

Sous Vide is cooking in a water bath. The meat is protected by a heat-resistant bag and will be done in its own juice at all. This forms the fine-delicate flavors. The meat is heated up to max. 80 degrees, depending on meat thickness and desired core temperature, for 30-90 minutes. Sous Vide is ideal for steaks, which are then fried in a pan. High quality Sous-Vide devices are available here.

Vorgaren im Ofen

The meat can be cooked in the oven on the plate, the grill or in a fire shape. At a temperature of about 60° degrees the steak requires between 30 and 60 minutes. In contrast to the sous vide meat frequently results in even slight roasting aromas. It is equally suitable for the subsequent roasting on the grill or in the pan.

Vorgaren auf dem Grill

Grill | BBQ
The pre-cooking on the grill is the master class when reverse cooking. The effort is worth it only if the steak safely lands on the grill. The taste advantages are the fine smoke flavorings. They result from a slow cooking at max. 60 degrees and a closed grill lid. To maintain this temperature, you should be a little more experienced and skilled.

Würzen: Weniger ist mehr

Less is more
A good steak will take time. This begins with the maturation of Dry Aged Beef and also applies to the preparation. The meat should therefore rest with weak cooling or room temperature always at least 30 minutes before it is processed further. During reverse cooking the flavors unfold perfectly with a simple seasoning. So less is more. Salt and pepper the steak after resting is enough. When precooking in the oven it can also be worked with garlic and fresh herbs.

It’s getting hot
The pre-cooked steak is then cooked on the grill or in the pan. The heat should reach at least 150 degrees. Fry the meat from both sides briefly (about 3-6 minutes) until a nice brown color is produced. When roasting the meat develops further roasting or smoke flavorings and gets a fine crust. For pan frying the meat can be rubbed with ghee. The steak is served directly from the pan or grilled without additional rest period.

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