Dry Ager Aktivkohlefilter
Dry Ager Aktivkohlefilter
Dry Ager mit Aktivkohlefilter

Active Carbon Filter Cartridge

Art.-Nr.: DX0110

For annual equipment maintenance – Why not order the same.


1 x Activated carbon filter insert (DX0110), with installation instructions


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Original spare parts for your DRY AGER DX 500 Premium S, DX 500 Premium or DX 500 and DX 1000 Premium S, DX 1000 Premium or DX 1000

Active charcoal filter cartridge for annual equipment maintenance. It is recommended to replace the active carbon filter cartridge once a year for optimum efficiency.

The activated carbon filter for your DRY AGER can easily and quickly be replaced, for more information refer to the instruction manual.